Honda Youth ATV Review : Best ATV for Youth for Sale Used or New

Honda Youth ATV: The Most Sought After Brand Worldwide

If you’re looking for top of the line bikes and high quality ATVs for kids, Honda is the brand for you. Honda is undeniably one of the top and strongest brands at the moment. Despite its many competitors all over the globe, it is still the most sought after ATV brand worldwide!

Looking closely at Honda’s yearly ATV lineup, you will notice that they have developed what many customers want in terms of design and power. This is the main reason that they stay strong amidst their tough competition. Honda is also one of the top picks for blazing trails. Their 2007 model reached the top ATV rank as early as the last months of 2006. This shows how strong their ATV sales are. At the end of 2007, they have created another lineup of new ATV models.

In 2008, they introduced FourTraxForeman 4x4s, the power steering ATV that further strengthened and exceeded their insurmountable success in the previous years. The introduction of this lineup is a strong evidence of how Honda always takes into consideration the needs of their customers. Before this became available in the market, power steering ATVs from Honda were not available. But, the continuous request of their customers motivated them to develop and introduce the extremely reliable electric power steering ATV in their 2008 Honda Foreman 4x4s.

Honda must be credited for always updating their customers with safety recalls, a common issue in the ATV industry. For example, as soon as their 2006 Honda ATV models TRX450R and TRX450ER had problems, they immediately took action which ensured safety and sufficient compensation for the trouble that they brought upon their customers.

Aside from their great sport ATVs, Honda also makes sturdiest and most powerful utility ATVs. Their stability is exemplary and incomparable to any other brand.

Honda ATVs are a great investment. They may be a little pricey but their promise of durability and high quality can assure their customers that they get their money’s worth. Regardless of whether you are looking for a new Honda youth ATV for sale, or a used Honda youth ATV, you can be confident that you are going to get a great piece of machinery.

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Cheap ATV Tires

Super Swamper Atv Tires Sale

Super Swamper Atv Tires Sale

Super Swamper ATV tires are one of the more popular brands on the market today. One of the great things you can depend on with Super Swampers is variety and choice.

Prices range from $143 to $188 each.

For starters, let’s take a quick look at the first offering.

Super Swamper Radial Reptile ATV Tires

These bad boys are designed with advanced radial design that offers better ride and traction in just about any situation. The radial design provides high and low speed handling.

Super Swampers Swamp Lite ATV Tires

Don’t let the term lite mislead you. These have a 6-ply rating. And, they work great in eight snow, mud, or the hardest pack dirt you can find. You will get great performance and a lighter ground distribution.

Super Swamper TSL ATV Tires

The Super Swamper TSL ATV Tire series is designed with performance in mind. These tires provide solid grip in slushy conditions and will grip those tight pack conditions. Lateral traction on the tire has been redesigned to allow for a bit more side skid. This will help prevent the ATV from flipping over on hard turns. The versatility of the Super Swamper TSL has provided a new user experience for the enthusiast.

Super Swamper TSL Vampire ATV Tires

These Super Swampers depart from the other in the series. When you are looking for super rugged terrain handling, then this is for you. Expect very deep tread 43/32nd worth. You get forward and reverse traction. These guys are so thick that they often continue to work even when punctured as long as they don’t come off the seat on the rim.

Super Swamper V45 Sand ATV Tires

Finally, these are for exactly what they say… sand. These paddle tires are great for budget minded riders. Designed for dunes, they will make sure that you don’t drift and let the sand control you. The fron tires are ribbed while the rear tires are paddles. You don’t compromise quality or ride with Super Swamper V45 Sand Tires.

Right now, you can find Super Swampers on sale here.

Are Super Swamper ATV Tires any good?

Well, we looked around to different ATV Forums and overall we found consumer sentiment to be positive.

Here are some comments we found at atvconnection.

I have 25×9.50×12′s all the way around on my Wolverine and I really like them. Great traction and they seem to be pretty tough.

i have the vampires on my honda 300 and they are awesome in everything. they last forever. the only thing is they are really heavy, but its worth it. the tsl’s are alot less agressive and the tread is alot shorter. i would get vampires or outlaws.

I have a buddy that has them and he’ll probably see your post and reply but I’ve heard him say they may not be as aggressive and Outlaws, Vamps, or Mud Bugs, but they ride much smoother on trails. He goes everywhere the rest of us go and I think his issue is more ground clearance than tread pattern. The cost is a lot less than the aggressive treads, too.

Dunlop KT805 Quadmax Rear Tire

Dunlop KT805 Quadmax Rear Tire

Dunlop KT805 Quadmax Rear Tire Dunlop enters a whole new realm of replacement tires with the introduction of the high-performance Quadmax.

You can expext much better traction and better handling in all ATV riding conditions. The tire has an aggresive patterning for all off road conditions. The actual footprint of the tire is 5% larger than previously. This allows for even more traction, and the tire is a bit flatter.

Buy Dunlop KT805 Quadmax Rear Tire on Amazon..CLICK HERE

The shoulders of the tires are improved for better traction and they also offer a nice appearance. Maximum performance and Tapered shoulder-block design provides smooth and predictable side grip.

Carcass incorporates two nylon plies positioned at a rigid case angle to promote large-block stability through the contact patch.

Buy Dunlop KT805 Quadmax Rear Tire on Amazon..CLICK HERE

Product Features for the Dunlop KT805 Quadmax Rear Tire

* Aggressive tread pattern engineered for superior performance in harsh conditions

* Flatter profile provides a 5 percent larger footprint for added traction

* Wraparound shoulder and sidewall elements look aggressive and deliver improved side traction

* Elevated handling and traction on all surfaces for maximum performance

* Tapered shoulder-block design provides smooth and predictable side grip

The overall impressions ahve been positive from buyers on Amazon.

Here is what a few have said about the Tire.

I am extremely happy with this tire. For what I needed, this tire was the least expensive one I could find. I needed one replacement tire, but since these were such a good price, I bought two tires for less than the price of one OEM tire that came on my ATV. The seller shipped much faster than I expected, and it is six ply just like my original tire. I highly recommend this tire if you need a replacement.

This tire has a real Aggressive tread and really digs,also gave my Honda Rancher (350 2 wheel drive)about 1 inch more ground clearance,and was a good buy for under $70 ea. delivered to my door!!

This tire was ROUGH to geat on the rim,because it is a heavy tire but it should hold up real good being that heavy.

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